Health Maintenance

​​​​​​​Health Maintenance Exams, Screenings and Vaccines for Adults

​Exams and Screenings

Immunization Schedule for Adults (Print-friendly version)

​Men and Women

  • Blood pressure - At each routine visit
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - At each routine visit 
  • Colon cancer - Beginning at age 50
  • Eye exams - Every 2 years
  • Hepatitis C - One-time screening is recommended for those born between 1945-1965
  • HIV - One-time between the ages of 15-65 and all pregnant women

Men only

  • Cholesterol (Blood Lipid Profile) - Every 5 years beginning at age 35

Women only

  • ​Cholesterol (Blood Lipid Profile) - Every 5 years beginning at age 45
  • Mammograms - Talk to your primary care provider about your risk between the ages of 40-49, then every 2 years from ages 50-74.
  • Pap tests - Every 3 years from ages 21-65

​These guidelines are for patients of average risk. Have a preventive health visit every 2 years or as requested by your primary care provider. Talk to your provider if you have a family history of cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke; might need any vaccinations; have low energy or weight concerns; or smoke cigarettes or are exposed to others who smoke.

​Health Maintenance Exams, Screenings and Vaccines for Children

​Pediatric Exams and Immunizations

Immunization Schedule for Children 0-18 Years of Age (Print-friendly version)

Well-child visits are a key component to keeping children healthy and monitoring their development. During a well-child exam, your child’s physician will complete a physical exam and ask you about things at home, such as nutrition and sleep. These visits may also include other screening tests and immunizations. We recommend well-child visits at the following ages:

Newborn—2-3 days after hospital discharge

2 weeks

2 months

4 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

15 months

18 months

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6-8 years

9-12 years

13-15 years (Female)

13-15 years (Male)

16-18 years (Female)

16-18 years (Male)