Psychotherapy Clinic at Harborview

Psychotherapy Clinic at Harborview 401 Broadway, 1st Floor, Seattle, WA 98104 206.744.9622     
​The Psychotherapy Clinic at Harborview provides evidence-based behavioral interventions in two programs with medication management available. A brief cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) clinic provides services for individuals with depression and anxiety. Interventions include behavioral activation, panic control treatment, CBT for social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder, and the collaborative assessment and management of suicidality (CAMS).

The Psychotherapy Clinic also runs a comprehensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program that serves clients who have a pattern of self-harming or suicidal behavior, borderline personality disorder and other complex and extreme problems of emotion regulation. DBT, developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan at the UW, is considered a best practice approach in treating patients with these behaviors. The Harborview program has been conducting DBT for 20 years.

DBT is an intensive program that utilizes individual therapy, group skills acquisition, coaching and a consultation team. Patients attend at least two visits per week for six months to two years, depending on the presenting problems.

To fax documents, please use the clinic fax number: 206.744.9919