Center for Reconstructive Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

​​​​​​​Prior to surgery:

  • ​Meet with surgeon or PA in clinic to review surgical plan, sign consent for surgery, and update health history.
  • Meet with Pre-anesthesia department in person or have a phone interview about your medical history if you have never had surgery here before or if you have any major medical problems or issues with anesthesia.

7 days before surgery:

  • Stop taking aspirin if instructed.
  • Stop taking any supplements, vitamins, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (aleve, ibuprofen, etc).
  • Sign up for eCare account if you have not already. This will allow you to send messages and photographs of your surgical site (if needed) to clinic, and view your chart online after surgery.

1 Day before surgery:

  • Anesthesia department will phone you to tell you what time to be at the hospital the next day for surgery (if your surgery is on a Monday, they will call on Friday).
  • Wash skin with Chlorhexidine or Dial soap the night before surgery.

Day of surgery:

  • ​Take regular medications as instructed by Anesthesia department.
  • Wash skin with Chlorhexidine or Dial soap again the morning of surgery. 
  • Remove any piercings, jewelry, or acrylic nails prior to surgery and leave at home.