Kidney Care & Transplantation Services at UWMC

Kidney Care & Transplantation Services at UWMC 1959 NE Pacific St., Seattle, WA 98195 206.598.3882     

​​​​​Kidney Care & Transplantation Services, which includes the General Nephrology Clinic at UWMC, treats patients with all forms of kidney disease through state-of-the-art care, access to studies of new treatments, as well as standard of care therapy. Very specialized care is provided to those with genetically transmitted kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetic kidney disease, kidney stones, cancer-related kidney disease and pregnancy in the setting of kidney disease.

Kidney Transplantation is a key area of our expertise. Patients with kidney disease requesting evaluation for transplant or post-transplant care are provided excellent care and access to studies of new medications to prevent rejection of transplanted kidneys.

The Living Kidney Donor Clinic at UWMC provides medical evaluation of potential living kidney donors, as well as post-operative care to donors.

Please visit our medical services page for a detailed breakdown of UW Medicine’s Kidney Care and Transplant Services.​ 

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