Headache Clinic at UWMC-Roosevelt


​Call the Headache Clinic at 206-598-6950, Option 8 to Schedule. Classes are open to all UW Medicine patients.​​

HeartMath® for Stress Management/Biofeedback

Stress affects the entire body and can cause physical and psychological problems. Overtime, unchecked stress can cause the body to stay in a constant and chronic state of stress promoting migraines, fatigue and illness. Research has demonstrated several types of biofeedback practices can be helpful to reduce stress and regulate heart rate variability.

In this class you will discover your stress baseline through using HeartMath® electronic educational learning devices. After practicing several HeartMath® stress management techniques, you will be able to monitor your progress by checking your stress baseline and heart rhythm patterns with educational learning device while in class. It is fun, effective and easy to learn.

Nutrition for Headache Relief Shared Visit

Nutrition is very important for people with headaches. Most people have noticed that there are certain foods that trigger their headaches but there is so much much more to learn! This class provides an interactive group format to learn the latest scientifically tested information on the relationship between brain health and diet, and specific nutritional concepts important for managing headaches, including anti-inflammatory diets, the microbiome, and more. Come with all your questions and an open mind!​

Advanced Classes

Advanced Groups allow participants to delve a little deeper and build upon the information they learned in the first class.  It is a great place to review and ask questions now that you have had some experience.  Additionally new techniques will be introduced and an opportunity to practice will be provided.

Advanced EFT

This is a 50 minute group session for participants who have completed the basic EFT: Tap Away Your Stress series.  Per participant’s requests, we have added the Advanced EFT as a way for you to check in and ask questions now that you have been using EFT for a while.  Additionally, we will review more applications of EFT as applied to variety of issues. Come join us and fine-tune your EFT tapping skills.

Advanced Hypnosis: Focused on Reducing Pain, Stress, and Sleep

This is a 50 minute group session for participants who have completed the basic Hypnosis for Pain and Stress Management series.  Per participant’s requests we have added this group to help sharpen your hypnosis skills in addressing pain, stress and sleep problems.  Now that you have been using hypnosis for a while, come have your self-written hypnotic suggestions reviewed for effectiveness and get any questions answered.  Additionally, new hypnotic techniques will be introduced that you will be able to practice and record for home use.