Fall Prevention Clinic at Harborview

Fall Prevention Clinic at Harborview 325 9th Ave., 3rd Floor, Seattle, WA 98104 206.520.5000     
​The Fall Prevention Clinic provides falls/mobility assessments and treatment planning to patients aged 65 and older, or younger patients, as needed. Our goals are to serve those who have not yet fallen, but may be at risk, and to manage care for those with a history of falls in order to prevent subsequent falls with serious injury.

A fall is defined as unintentionally coming to rest on the ground, floor, or other lower level from a standing, sitting or horizontal position in an movement not caused by a seizure, stroke, fainting, motor vehicle accident, or risky behavior, such as skiing, roof repair or drug overdose.

Clinic Services
  • Comprehensive assessment of fall risk factors.
  • Identification of strengths, risks and deficiencies.
  • Medical history.
  • Gait and balance assessment.
  • Medications.
  • Vision testing.
  • Lower limb joint testing.
  • Neurologic function testing.
  • Cardiovascular status.
  • Environmental safety.
  • Development of a management plan for identified risk factors.
  • Balance and gait training.
  • Exercise recommendations.
  • Environmental modifications.
  • Medication adjustment.
  • Cardiovascular management.
  • Vision evaluation and treatment.
  • Orthostatic hypotension.
  • Podiatric and shoe concerns.
  • Education and training.
  • Follow-up to encourage adherence to recommendations and assistance with barriers to adherence, either individualized or in group visits as determined by patient preference.

Additional Services
  • Pharmacist to review medications for fall risk.
  • Registered dietitian/nutritionist for meal planning and nutrition guidance.
  • Assessments, as indicated or desired by physical therapy, eye clinic and VNS occupational therapy for home safety evaluation.
  • Patient/caregiver education on ways to reduce fall risk.

This multifaceted approach can reduce falls 30-40 percent.

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