Center for Pain Relief at UWMC-Roosevelt

How to Prepare

​​Please help us to gather your relevant medical records and imaging. Who has seen you for your pain problem or related condition? What studies have you had? Often, we can obtain them electronically with your guidance. At times, we will need you to assist us with a signed release of information, or to physically gather reports/imaging to bring with you. The more information we have about you in advance, the more focused we can be on moving forward in your treatment at our consultation visit.

We ask that you complete our online, secure, PainTracker which helps us and you identify some of the areas that are impacted by your pain or may influence treatment choices for your pain. We will provide you with a link in advance of your appointment.

Another way to prepare for your visit is to think of questions for us and to think about your realistic treatment goals. If you have these ready for your visit we can address them more fully during your visit.

While gathering this information helps us all focus during your visit, we still want to hear your “pain story” from you in person. How did the pain start? What kinds of treatment have you had and what was your experience with those treatments? What other medical problems do you have? Have you faced other pain problems in the past, and if so how did you do with those? How does your pain impact your quality of life, interactions with family, recreation, sleep, mood, and work? What are your preferences for treatment? Are there any barriers to being treated at the UW Center for Pain Relief? Is there anything else we should know to make sure that together with you we have the best understanding of your situation?