AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Harborview

AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Harborview 325 9th Ave., 2nd Floor, Ste. 115, Seattle, WA 98104 206.744.3293     
​The UW AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, also referred to as ACTU, is part of a network of sites around the country and the world that receive funding from the National Institutes of Health to conduct research studies on HIV-related treatments in adults.

These trials cover a range of HIV clinical research including evaluations of the best initial treatment for people starting treatment for HIV and treatment options for those with drug-resistant HIV. Trials also include those evaluating the best management of complications of HIV or its treatment, including trials for people with bone mineral loss, elevated blood fats, neurologic complications and body fat changes. We have been enrolling HIV research studies since 1986.
To fax documents, please use the clinic fax number: 206.744.3483