After Care Clinic at Harborview Medical Center

After Care Clinic at Harborview 325 9th Ave., 1st Floor, Seattle, WA 98104 206.520.5000     

​​​​​​​The After Care Clinic at Harborview provides transitional care for patients recently discharged from Harborview's Emergency Department and inpatients who require urgent follow-up, but lack a primary care provider.

The After Care Clinic provides specific, directed care and/or reassessment to ensure that recovery is optimal and as expected. The After Care Clinic also facilitates referrals to primary care providers through the UW Medicine clinic system or other community-based clinics. Clinic physicians provide assessment for patients requiring follow-up treatment encompassing a wide variety of ailments including, but not limited to, management of hypertension, newly diagnosed diabetes, anticoagulation, wound care, orthopaedics, general medicine, neurology, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

For information about facility fees and hospital-billing, please visit our facility fee FAQs.​


To fax documents, please use the clinic fax number: 206.744.4574