Billing Your Insurance

​​​​​Following a patient’s visit, Patient Financial Services will send a summarized statement of charges for the services received at UW Medical Center or Harborview Medical Center to the person listed as the “guarantor” on the patient’s account. The guarantor, who may or may not be the patient, is the person responsible for the bill. This statement does not include fees for professional services by UW Physicians or ​other billing providers.

Patients without health insurance coverage are expected to pay their bills within 30 days after they receive their statements – unless they have applied for financial assistance and are awaiting a determination, or they have made other payment arrangements with Patient Financial Services. For more information about paying bills, please refer to How To Pay Your Bill or to our frequently asked questions.

In all other cases, you don’t need to do anything after receiving your itemized statement. We will bill the insurance or other health plan indicated at patient registration. If your health coverage has changed, please update your information as soon as possible.

After processing your claim, most insurers, including Medicare, will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) that describes how the services were covered and how much you owe, also called patient responsibility. If you have questions about your EOB, contact your health plan and/or Patient Financial Services​.

Please have your EOB in hand when you call, write or e-mail us.

Charges which may not be paid by your insurance and may then become your patient responsibility include: 
  • Deductibles 
  • Co-insurance and/or co-pays 
  • Benefit limitations, such as items or services not covered under your insurance plan 
  • Medicare program exclusions (see your Medicare handbook for a complete listing) 
  • Claims your health insurance denies due to missing or incorrect subscriber information
Once the amount your insurance will cover has been determined, you will receive a bill from Patient Financial Services with the balance that you owe. Please pay that amount within 30 days of receiving the statement.

Please note that for third-party liability cases such as automobile accidents, you are responsible for payment. We will not hold open accounts until settlement is reached with a third-party payer.