Treatments for Running Injuries

Conservative treatment is usually successful, given adequate time. In general, treatment for running injuries includes rest and avoidance of the activities that aggravate symptoms.

Other possible treatments include:
  • Activity modification: This may involve the patient altering his or her training routine. Adding or increasing upper body weightlifting or swimming may be advised to maintain fitness. To prevent injury recurrence or aggravation, patients are frequently instructed to avoid exercise that involves walking, running and jumping. Running or walking in a pool (with a flotation device for support) are lower-impact options.
  • Injection: A cortisone injection at the injury site may be advised if symptoms do not improve with rest and activity modification, but such injections are not indicated in the case of shin splints or other stress fractures, as injections can interfere with healing of those conditions.
  • Other treatments: Cushioned shoe inserts, night splints, anti-inflammatory medications, ultrasound or extra-corporeal shock wave (sound waves) to stimulate healing may provide relief and stimulate healing.