Fall Health Tips

Fall sports safety starts at UW Neighborhood Clinics.

The school year is upon us and it’s time to prepare your child for participation in school sports. And UW Neighborhood Clinics can help for only $50.

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an examination completed by a healthcare professional to verify that child athletes are healthy enough to participate in school sports. Sports physicals do not include immunizations, lab work or management of any medical conditions and are not a substitute for a well-child exam.

Who needs a sports physical?

Any child athlete who plans to participate in school sports will need to complete a sports physical and provide the school district with a completed sports physical form. However, if your child has completed a well-child visit or sports physical with a UW Neighborhood Clinic physician within the past 12-24 months, we may be able to complete the sports physical form without seeing your child (a small forms fee may apply).

  1. Call 206.520.5000 to schedule your child’s appointment.
  2. Contact your school district to obtain their sports physical form. These forms typically include:
    • A health history section that you will need to complete and sign prior to your child’s sports physical appointment.
    • A physical examination section that will be completed by the UW Neighborhood Clinic healthcare professional who performs your child’s exam.
Note: If your school district’s form does not include a health history section or they do not have a form, please alert the front desk staff when you check in for your child’s appointment and we will provide you with a standard form. Please complete and sign the health history section prior to your child’s sports physical appointment.

Do insurance companies cover sports physicals?

Because not all insurance plans cover well-child visits or sports physicals, UW Neighborhood Clinics offer sports physical examinations for only a $50 fee which is due at the time of service.

Please call 206.520.5000 for assistance or to schedule your child for a sports physical examination at a UW Neighborhood Clinic near you.