Saluting Harborview

​​​​​​​​​Co-chairs Jeffrey and Susan Brotman, together with Steve and Connie Ballmer, Bill and Mimi Gates, and Erik and Julie Nordstrom, presided over an unforgettable evening at UW Medicine Salutes Harborview on Feb. 25, 2012.

Together, the community raised more than $1.6 million to support UW Medicine's mission of caring: providing first-rate care to all our patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

A special thanks to the event’s presenting sponsor, the Western Washington Toyota Dealers Association, to longtime advocate and mistress of ceremonies, Molly Shen, and to musical guests The Canadian Tenors and the University of Washington Studio Jazz Ensemble. They made Salute an evening to remember.

It’s not too late to join us! If you feel inspired to support Harborview’s mission of caring, we welcome your gift.

A Source of Inspiration

Over the years, Harborview’s patients and advocates have been a source of inspiration, documented in the videos below.

​We Salute Harborview (2012)

​Why did community leaders Jeffrey and Susan Brotman, along with Steve and Connie Ballmer, Bill and Mimi Gates, and Erik and Julie Nordstrom come together to co-chair UW Medicine Salutes Harborview on February 25th? They - and Pam Nelson of the Western Washington Toyota Dealers Association - know how important Harborview Medical Center is to the Northwest and beyond.

Made​ Whole: Phil Radcliffe's Story (2012)

When Phil Radcliffe of Lakebay, Wash., was critically injured by a mill saw, he needed the very best care. At Harborview.

On the road again: John Chou's Story (2012)

After a pickup truck collided with UW student John Chou and his motorcycle, John needed Harborview.

Back in the saddle: Lily James' Story (2012)

Lily’s parents weren’t sure she’d walk again after a horrifying accident at Lake Washington — until Harborview intervened.

For the team: Lindsey Beck's Story (2012)

A story about what happens when a coach values her kids almost as much as she values her health. And how Harborview made all the difference.

The UW Medicine Mission of Caring Award at Harborview: the Governors of Washington State (2011)

It was our pleasure to present UW Medicine's annual Mission of Caring Award  to the governors of Washington state; this video highlights their accomplishments and their commitment to service and compassion.

Changing Medicine, Changing Lives: Christian Kapena Ho's Miraculous Recovery (2011)

Christian Kapena Ho nearly died after an accident at a swimming hole near Boise, Idaho. Witness his incredible story of survival and learn how his life was saved by expert, compassionate care at Harborview.

Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr., M.D. (2010)

Orthopaedic pioneer and UW Medicine alumnus and faculty member Sigvard T. Hansen, Jr., M.D., is known as the “father of traumatology” for his role in building emergency care at Harborview Medical Center. He also received this year’s Mission of Caring Award for exemplifying Harborview’s values: caring for people from all walks of life.

Alec Corbett and Alessandro “Ollie” Gelmini (2010)

After being trapped beneath a collapsed ice cave for hours, Alec and Ollie were rushed to Harborview — where surgeons provided immediate care and others provided the follow-up the boys needed to recover.

Chandler Balkman (2009)

Chandler lost his leg in a boating accident. After Harborview staff saved his life, they helped the teenager learn how to walk again.

Joel Spiegel (2008)

One August evening in 2006, Joel Spiegel went to bed with a rash on his thigh. The next day, he was airlifted to Harborview with a diagnosis of flesh-eating bacteria. Harborview saved Spiegel's life...then restored it.

General John Shalikashvili (2007)

After the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had a stroke, his family searched for the best rehabilitation facilities available. They found them at Harborview. 

Jamie Hunter (2005)

Jamie was just a teenager when a boulder struck her on Mount Adams. Harborview restored her life with reconstructive surgery.


Harborview Medical Center is a King County owned property​