Frequently Asked Questions for Visiting Students

I am a U.S. citizen and am enrolled in a medical school in the Caribbean. Do I qualify for the visiting student program?

The University of Washington School of Medicine Visiting Student Elective Program is only for students enrolled in either an LCME Accredited Medical Program or an Osteopathic Accredited Medical Program located in the U.S. and Canada. Students enrolled in schools not meeting this criteria are not eligible for this program.

I am from Germany and wanted to enroll in an elective clerkship at the University of Washington. Is this possible?

International students are not eligible for this Visiting Student Elective Program. The University of Washington School of Medicine has limited resources available to accommodate students attending foreign medical schools. Such students need to make a request to the Foreign Medical Student Coordinator at the following email address: and secure sponsorship from a University of Washington medical faculty member.

If I decide to take an additional (more than one) clerkship, what do I need to do?

A separate application must be submitted for each requested elective.

What if I wish to apply for more than 12 weeks?

The Dean of Academic Affairs may approve requests for over 12 weeks under special circumstances. Applicants must submit by email an explanation of the circumstances for the request:

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What if my current medical school does not provide $1 million in malpractice/liability insurance?

Additional coverage should be obtained from other non-University of Washington sources. Students must be covered with a minimum of $1 million malpractice/liability insurance prior to submitting an application. Include copies of all insurance policies.

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Are there dormitories or housing options available to me?

Once a University of Washington Medical School department has contacted you and confirmed that a clerkship has been scheduled for you, the Clerkship Coordinator from that department will offer some suggestions about local housing opportunities. The Visiting Student office does not have housing information. No housing accommodations are made for visiting students.

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I'm interested in serving a clerkship for a very specific period of time. How would I find out if a clerkship is offered in the time that I'm interested in?

Refer to our Elective Block Schedule. Review the course listings as well as the clinical schedule. Contact departmental Clerkship Coordinators to ask specific questions about the timing and availability of clerkships. Contact information for each department is provided on the course listings webpage.

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Will you send me visiting student applications and/or updates?

Information and application forms are all available on the website. The Office of Academic Affairs will contact students when applications are incomplete. Once approved, departmental clerkship coordinators will contact the student in regards to scheduling the clerkship. Also, please refer to the Application Process.

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My school's schedule has rotations starting one week ahead of your schedule… I was wondering if it might be possible to get special permission to take the above course using my school's schedule?

Refer to our Elective Block Schedule. There are no exceptions to the scheduled dates. Further inquiry should be directed to the department’s clerkship coordinator.

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