Departmental Course: Urology

​​​​​Clerkship Administrator:  Jessica Green
Phone:  206-685-1982 

Block Calendar:
Your clerkship dates must correspond with our Clinical Elective Schedule. You must start at the beginning of the block(s) and finish at the end of the block(s).

To Apply:

  1. Please contact Clerkship Coordinator for availability.
  2. For the Urology Sub-internship, do not apply to VSAS until you have been approved by the department.  For approval please email​.
  3. If approved by the department, your completed application must be received on VSAS by March 13, 2017.
  4. Students may rank their preferred dates on VSAS but preferences are not guaranteed.
  5. ​You must meet all eligibility requirements of the Visiting Student Clinical Elective Program.
  6. Complete the VSAS application online and upload all supplemental materials to VSAS. No action will be taken on your application until it is complete. Departments may not "pre-enroll" or hold spaces for potential visiting students, regardless of their intent or qualifications.
You must withdraw at least 6 weeks before your starting date. Fees are non-refundable. All cancelations and changes must be made in writing to the Clerkship Coordinator.

Urol 685 – Urology Subinternship

Offered Sp, S – 4 Weeks
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Science Curriculum, third or fourth year medical student standing, departmental permission
Instructor – Dr. Michael Porter

This elective is specifically designed for 3rd and 4th year medical students planning to apply for urology residency. The student electing the subinternship will be responsible for the same activities stated in Urol 680P with the additional duties of managing inpatient workups and therapeutic plans. It is anticipated that he/she will rotate night and emergency calls with the other house officers and will be considered an integral part of the service team. It is expected that the subintern will function as a member of the urology housestaff. The subintern will also be given an opportunity to deliver a 10 minute presentation to the urology department on a urology topic of their choice.

Enrollment: 5 per rotation
Please contact Clerkship Coordinator prior to starting your application process. Visiting students require permission from department.