Student Performance Dashboard

What is it?

The Student Performance Dashboard is one-stop shopping for your key performance data. All of the information presented here comes from other source systems, primarily eValue and Canvas.

Information is broken into five different tabs: Pre-Clinical Grades, Pre-Clinical Evaluations, Clinical Grades, Clinical Evaluations, and General. For descriptions of each of these sections, please see "Description of each section" below.

In addition to your own data, you can see how your performance compares to your class mean.

We want your feedback regarding issues or improvements to this resource. Please contact us at

What do I need to know or do?

Log-in Instructions

To access the Student Performance Dashboard select this link. Use your UW NetID and password, even though the window does not look like a standard NetID login page.  If using Microsoft Edge you will need to add the prefix "NETID\" to your NetID to log in.

General Navigation

On the welcome screen, you will see a brief explanation of the dashboard and buttons leading to the different reports. You may also navigate using the tabs along the bottom of the tool. In several places, you will see aicon. Clicking on that icon will give you an explanation of the data you are seeing in that section. Once clicked, the button will become abutton to return to the data visual.

Note that the visualization tool is not optimized for mobile web browsers or mobile apps. For example, some sections rely on a right-click, which is not available on mobile devices.

Data Load Expectations

In general, data is available in the Student Performance Dashboard one business day after it becomes available in eValue, Canvas, or another source system.

Who Else Has Access to My Information?

Access to your Student Performance Dashboard is available only to limited faculty and staff: the learning specialist at your site, your regional Foundations dean, your regional clinical dean (for students in clerkship tracks and WRITE), your College mentor, and appropriate deans and staff in Academic Affairs and Medical Education & Evaluation.

Where can I go for more help?

If you need help interpreting the data you see in your dashboard or coming up with strategies for improvement, please contact your learning specialist, Foundations dean, or College mentor. 

If you have problems accessing the Student Performance Dashboard, or if the data you see there does not match the information you see in other systems, please contact our Academic Affairs Data Mart support email:

Description of each section

Pre-Clinical Grades

Shows overall block and thread scores in the top sections, as well as the standard deviation difference from the mean of your cohort at all sites.

In the Block/Assignment section, you can view detail (right-click on block or thread and choose Drill Down) on individual assignments/exams.

In the Threads section, you can view detail for a break-down of Term 1, 2, and 3; then you can see a break-down of thread scores in each block. Block exam scores will be loaded after each exam; thread scores will be loaded upon completion of each block.

The middle sections display any block fails or thread deficiencies that have been recorded.

The bottom section is a chart showing your cumulative difference from the mean in blocks to date.

  • The first point represents the difference between your score in MCBD and the overall class mean.
  • The second point represents the sum of your percentage scores in MCBD and I&D compared to the sum of the class means in those blocks.
  • The remaining points follow the same pattern.

Pre-Clinical Evaluations

Shows the comments you received in evaluations during the Foundations phase.

"Area" indicates the block/course/activity in which the comment was made;

"Type" indicates if the comment was Summary Performance, Feedback, Professionalism Concerns, or Academic Concerns.

You can sort the table using the column headers, and you can hover your mouse over the comment to expand a pop-up box with the full text.

Clinical Grades

The Student Grades table shows the clerkships for which you have received a grade. The "Summary of grades…" chart shows the distribution of grades in the academic year-to-date (Summer-Spring).

You can use the Course Filter menu to choose between core required clerkships, Advanced Patient Care & Subinternship, and Clinical Electives. This selection will refresh the Student Grades table as well as the grade distribution chart.

Clinical Evaluations

The top chart shows your average rating on each item of the final grade form compared to the average of all students over the past two years. By default, the chart shows data from the core required clerkships only.

The Clinical Comments section shows a table of comments you have received on your clerkship final grade forms. The Clerkship column indicates the course/site; the Type indicates if the question was Summative Performance, Feedback, Professionalism Concern, or Clinical/Academic Concern. If the comment is truncated, you may hover your mouse over the comment to see a pop-up with the full text.

You can use the Course Filters menus to change to the APC/Sub-I clerkships, or to view a single clerkship. This selection will update both the Clinical Evaluations chart and the Clinical Comments table.


Divided into four sections.

The Time in Seattle section indicates whether the requirement has been met, and which clerkships you took that count toward the requirement.

The Compliance section indicates any areas of non-compliance, such as immunizations, required trainings, etc.

The OSCE section indicates whether you were required to complete remediation for your OSCE exams.

The USMLE section displays your Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 2CS exam scores and pass/fail status. Any retakes of these exams appear as additional rows in the table.