2019 Clinical Immersion & Orientation

In August, each Foundations Site will hold their own Immersion & Orientation program. All incoming students at all Foundations Sites are required to be at their Foundations Site and ready to participate in the Immersion & Orientation program before classes begin. Immersion will prepare students for the Foundations Phase of the curriculum by focusing on clinical skills practice. Throughout the program, incoming students will also participate in Orientation sessions aimed to familiarize students with the School of Medicine. A more detailed schedule of Clinical Immersion & Orientation will be sent to students over the summer. 

​Contacts & Start Dates​​

Washington, Seattle: Emily Slager - Start date: August 19, 2019
Washington,Spokane: Erin Van Antwerp or Deborah Greene - Start date:  August 19, 2019 (Website)
Wyoming: Marivern Easton - Start date: August 12, 2019 (Website)
Alaska: Nancy Hall -  Start date: August 12, 2019 (Website)
Montana - Kayla Ouert - Start date: August 14, 2019 (Website)
Idaho: Whitney Vincent, Marlane Martonick & Maureen Evermann - Start date: August 14, 2019 (Website)

​​Classes at all Foundations Sites begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Pre-Immersion & Orientation Checklist

  • Receive an email from the University of Washington Registrar, which contains your student number and private access code
  • Establish your UW NetID
  • Set up your UW email account and begin checking it regularly and read emails from UWSOM administration carefully
  • Complete the Compliance Checklist
  • Read the School of Medicine's Computer Requirements page regarding laptop and mobile device requirements