Medical Student Association

The MSA is a student organization of elected senators from the entire student body responsible for overseeing student activities. The MSA is considered the "umbrella" organization for student activities and organizations to which the Academic Affairs Office turns for student input on educational issues and concerns that arise throughout the year.

Senators are selected during the first year at each site. MSA officers are typically second year students and selections are made in the spring of the first year to allow for an orderly transition. Some responsibilities of the MSA include developing educational and community initiatives, the funding of other student organizations, the planning of various social events, addressing student concerns with the Academic Affairs Office, and the organization of tours for medical school applicants. Serving as a class senator provides unique opportunities not only to interact with students from other classes but also with the Academic Affairs deans and administrative directors. The amount of commitment that the MSA asks is minimal: one meeting per month and one lunch meeting per quarter with the deans. Senators are encouraged to participate in meeting throughout their third and fourth years to ensure issues regarding the clinical curriculum and academic and support services are discussed. 

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