Student Organizations

The School of Medicine seeks to provide students with the opportunities, resources, and support necessary to explore and expand their personal and professional interests, build relationships and work with others, develop skills and experiences, grow as individuals, and have fun while at the UW. By promoting civic engagement in the community, creating partnerships, and fostering an environment that values diversity, free expression, and self-directed learning, the Student Organizations contribute to the holistic development of our students.

Medical Student Association

The Medical Student Association (MSA) is a student organization of elected representatives from the student body who are responsible for overseeing student-related activities.

MSA officers are selected during the first year at each Foundations Site. The MSA is the "umbrella" organization for student activities and organizations, and the Academic Affairs Office turns to them for input on educational issues and student concerns that arise throughout the year. The MSA develops educational and community initiatives, offers funding for student organizations, plans social events, and addresses student concerns with the Academic Affairs Office.

Forming a new student Organization

Before a student group can be officially affiliated with the UW School of Medicine, members are required to apply for recognition as an officially sponsored student group of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Check the UWSOM Student Organization Leadership Directory to see if a group already exists at UWSOM. If it does, contact the leaders to find out how to get involved.

If you are a non-Seattle based student looking to join an existing group, contact the leaders of the group to learn how you can participate from your WWAMI site. If you are a non-Seattle based student and want to form a branch or chapter of an already-existing student organization, contact the leaders of the group to talk about how this structure will work for the particular student organization you are interested in.

Click here for step-by-step instructions: Forming a new student organization

To see templates for new organization constitutions, click on the following links:

Student Organization Leadership Manual

The Student Organization Leadership Manual is the primary resource for students who hold leadership positions within a student organization. The manual contains essential information including funding sources, banking, room reservations, Zoom technology, and much more.

The UW Student Activities Office website offers a comprehensive guide of all the resources available to registered student organizations through the University of Washington.

Event Resources