SOM Scholarship


2013-2014 SOM Scholarship Application

Deadline: May 31, 2013

Documents submitted after May 15th may take up to 3 weeks to confirm receipt due to a high volume of applications.

It is up to each student to ensure their application is filled out correctly and completely. 



The School of Medicine scholarship is for admitted University of Washington medical students. The scholarship is need-based and determined by parental and student information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as submitted documents.

Parental information must be included on the student FAFSA to be eligible for the Scholarship. If parental information was not originally included on the student's FAFSA, this information can be updated without changing your initial FAFSA submission date. Providing this information will not negatively impact student eligibility or a student's independent status for the Direct Stafford Loan or Graduate Plus Loan.


Read all instructions carefully.


  1. Complete the online application by May 31, 2013, 11:59 PM PST.
  2. Submit all parent tax information together by mail, in person or by fax. Note: do not submit documents via e-mail. (Parent checklist available here:  SOM Scholarship Parent Checklist)
  3. Submissions must be legible.
  4. 3rd and 4th year students must submit their biosketch online, but can do so at any time up until 5/31/13. Follow this link:


Additional Documents 


Deadline: Postmarked by May 31, 2013


There will be some additional items to submit besides the online form. Please ensure your student number and name is clearly written on the front of all documents submitted. If faxing, include name/student # on every page submitted.

  1. Copy of Parent 2012 federal 1040 (*See below if you cannot provide this), including:
    1. 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. This must contain a physical signature of the parent (or both parents if filing jointly) on the signature line of the actual 1040. 
    2. Parent W-2(s)
    3. All parental schedules and forms submitted to the IRS with the 2013 1040.
    4. Submit these documents together as a completed packet, and keep them separate from any other UW financial aid documents to ensure correct processing.
      If Married Filing Separately, both tax returns must be submitted.
  2.  Students who will be in their 3rd & 4th year (2013-2014 Academic Year) need to submit a biosketch. *New Guidelines* This year we are only accepting these via online submissions.
*If your parents have not filed prior to the application deadline, but intend to, we will temporarily accept a copy of their Extension filing in place of a 1040. This is only a placeholder. When their 1040 is available, it is up to you to provide that to our office ASAP or we cannot move forward with your scholarship application.

If your parents do not file taxes or they live outside the US, please contact our office:


What we do not need


The SOM Scholarship application does not need or want:


  • Student 1040. The main Office of Student Financial Aid  may request this separately to determine your eligibility for Federal financial aid. If requested, it must be submitted as a separate document and NOT included with your scholarship documents. 
  • State tax forms (we will shred these if received).
  • Worksheets for Parent 1040 not sent to the IRS.
  • Revision Request forms should not be submitted with your scholarship documents.


Please save us time by only submitting the requested documents.


Online Scholarship Application

Students, please fill out the form below to apply for the SOM Scholarship. Reading carefully can ensure this is filled out completely and accurately. Incomplete applications may result in disqualification. A UW NetID is required for access.**

**Note: Newly accepted 1st year students without a UW NetID or student number prior to the application deadline will receive a temporary deadline extension. Contact us for more information.