Financial Aid Budget Information

​​​​​​​2018-2019 UW Medical Student Budget

This is the basic​ budget for any current 1st - 4th year student attending medical school in Seattle during the 2018-2019 year. Living with parents/relatives decreases room/board. Students at the WWAMI Regional sites outside of Washington will have varying tuition in years 1 and 2 based on their site.

1st Year (3 Quarters)

Resident Tuition *^
+ req. UPass (Excl. 1st yr regional)
Books & Equipment, Step 1   $2,436
Room & Board   $15,936
Personal   $2,265
^^HSIP Fee​
BLS fee
TOTAL   $59,087
^Tuition may vary at regional WWAMI sites.
*Non-resident Tuition for 1st year: $65,501 (3 Quarters)
^^Starting in Fall 2018 students pay a Health Science Immunization Program fee of $32 per quarter.   


2nd Year (4 Quarters)

Resident Tuition*
+ req. UPass
Books, Supplies                          $1,982  
Room & Board$21,248
​HSIP Fee​
Med. Cert. Fee
TOTAL $70,195
^Tuition may vary at regional WWAMI sites for Autumn quarter.
*Non-resident Tuition for 2nd year: $76,350 (4 Quarters) 
^^Starting in Fall 2018 students pay a Health Science Immunization Program fee of $32 per quarter. 

3rd Year (4 Quarters)

Resident Tuition (Full-time)**
+ req. UPass 
Books, step 2 cs & ck^    $3,167
Room & Board$21,248
​HSIP Fee​$96
TOTAL $79,131
** Non-resident 3rd Year Tuition: $85,459 (4 Quarters)
^Step 2 costs are included in the Spring budget. 

4th Year (4 Quarters)

Resident Tuition (Full-time)**
+ req. UPass 
Room & Board$21,248
TOTAL $77,208
**Non-resident 4th Year Tuition: $88,234 (4 Quarters)

University of Washington Tuition Rates

Summer,* Autumn, Winter, Sp​ring Tuition and Fees - Quarterly tuition rates. Scroll down for the 'Medical' page in the PDF file. *(For Summer, scroll to the bottom of the web page.)

Gaining Residency Status (Non-WWAMI out of region students)
Out of region students (those who are not in one of the WWAMI states) may apply for residency status in Washington State after demonstrating a year of primary residency in Washington State. If a student is not approved for residency, they will continue to pay non-resident tuition.

VA Benefits

If you are a veteran eligible for VA benefits, you can find information specific to you at their office in the Veteran's Center

Budget Adjustments

The budget may be increased for computer (Laptop only)/pda (up to $3000), health insurance (student only), childcare or a dependent allowance. These costs may only be covered during the quarters students are enrolled, and may result in students needing the higher interest Graduate Plus loans. Forms are available in T-557, or e-mail to request if off-site.

The budget cannot be increased to cover credit card debt, mortgage payments above room/board expenses already in budget, car payments, or costs related to applying to medical school or residency programs (application fees/interview costs/moving/travel). If student expenses are less than what is in the budget, they are encouraged to take out less.