Academic Support

Academic Skills Counseling

Academic Skills Director, Seattle site: Dr. Jamey Cheek

Phone: 206.616.9606
Location: Student Resource Center, T-557
WWAMI Academic Support Website

Academic Skills Counselors are available at each Foundations Site. The Academic Skills Counseling service aims to assist students with a variety of issues including test-taking skills, coping with test anxiety, and improving study skills. Assistance is also available with preparation for USMLE, both self-study and board preparation programs.

Tutoring Program

Tutoring Resources Website

The tutoring program, which is free of charge, provides review sessions in coordination with the course chairs. The service is available to all medical students free of charge. Individual tutors are available to assist students as deemed appropriate for the student’s needs. If tutoring is needed, the student may speak with the course chair to discuss what options are available or may self-refer directly to the Academic Skills Counselor, Jamey Cheek. In some courses, review sessions are arranged within the structure of the course. In other courses, group tutoring session may be set-up through the Academic Skills Counselor.

Students at the Foundations Sites can work with the learning specialist at their site. Questions about tutoring should be directed to the respective regional WWAMI office.

For the Foundations Phase curriculum, the course chairs are asked to identify individuals who can provide tutoring for students. If difficulties arise in the clinical curriculum, arrangements related to the deficiency will be developed through the Student Affairs Office in consultation with the student’s College mentor and clinical clerkship director.

Resource Library

As part of the academic support services for all courses, there are various books and other resources available for check out in Dr. Cheek’s office. Please contact him for information regarding availability and check-out procedures.

USMLE Board Exams

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