Academic Support

Academic Learning Specialists

Dr. Yvonne Tyler, MD
Phone: 206.616.9606
Location: Health Sciences Building, T-556 (Seattle)

The Academic Support services aim to assist students with a variety of issues including test-taking skills, coping with test anxiety, and improving study skills. Assistance is also available with study and preparation for the USMLE exams. Dr. Tyler's Seattle-based office has various books and resources available to students as they move through each block in the Foundations curriculum or prepare for USMLE tests. Contact her to learn what the check-out procedures are for the resource materials.

Academic Learning Specialists are available at each Foundations Site:

Seattle: Yvonne Tyler, MD

Spokane: Jon Hammermeister, Ph.D.
                  Brittaney Haong B.S.

Wyoming: Rachel LeBeau B.S.E.

Alaska: Shannon Uffenbeck,  Ph.D.

Montana: Jaqueline Wilson, M.D.

Idaho: Lynda Freeman DHSc., MPH, MBA

Tutoring Program

Tutoring Canvas page
The tutoring program provides review sessions in coordination with the curriculum as well as individual tutoring sessions for students. The service is available to all medical students and is free of charge. If a student would like to work with a tutor, the student should speak with the Block Director or a Block Instructor to discuss what options are available, or they may self-refer directly to the Academic Learning Specialist, Yvonne Tyler. Visit the tutoring Canvas page to learn more.

Additional Resources

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