Online and Blended Learning Development

​The new curriculum emphasizes active learning in the classroom, moving away from lecture delivery as a dominant teaching method. Many examples of effective methods already exist, including Socratic seminars, team-based learning, case-based learning, and others. Some of these existing efforts rely on online modules that prepare students for deeper integration of the material during face-to-face sessions. This blended learning approach combines the best of online learning modalities and reserves in-person time for activities that cannot be completed independently. Faculty need help in designing and implementing this form of blended learning.

One of the primary online learning modalities is pre-recorded video. The format of these videos can range from relatively simple screen recordings of short PowerPoint presentations to high-quality video production that could be produced in a "studio" or on location at a clinical site. A combination of approaches and quality levels will be needed, depending on the educational needs of particular blocks and clerkships. Plans are currently underway to create the appropriate capacity levels for different approaches.

We also envision a common video platform that would serve as the central publishing location for all curriculum video content, including pre-recorded video modules and in-class recordings. This way, students and faculty will be able to access video content from a single location regardless of the recording method. Some platforms of this type also allow tagging that will allow viewers to browse and search videos appropriate to their need. We are assessing options for this type of system, but a timeline for implementation has not been finalized.