Medical School Collaborative Technology Working Group


The Medical School Collaborative Technology Working Group will perform several functions:

  • Advise the Academic & Learning Technologies staff on anticipated videoconferencing/web conferencing needs in the new foundations phase related to teaching, administration and student support;
  • Assist in the selection of technologies that are appropriate to the identified needs;
  • Provide advice on the best use of existing facilities, and make recommendations on facilities modifications that fit within the project scope;

Identify logistical hurdles and other risks associated with implementation of the project.


  • Julie Calcavecchia
  • Michael Campion
  • Elizabeth Conway, MS2
  • Kellie Engle
  • Bob Ennes or Nancy Salts
  • Robert Furilla, Alaska WWAMI
  • Alisa Hideg, Spokane WWAMI
  • Bill Hill
  • Trish Kritek
  • Roland Lai
  • Cory McMillen
  • Jill Morelli
  • Kate Mulligan
  • Jason Reep
  • Mara Rendi
  • Lynne Robins
  • Michael Ryan
  • John Scott
  • Dylan O'Shea, MS1
  • Bruce Silverstein
  • Martin Teintze, Montana WWAMI
  • Bryan Valley
  • William Velasco