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There are many books about being a doctor or being a patient. Many of them have been written by doctors. Examples appear below. There are also doctors who have written novels and poems that are not about medicine.

For readers ages​ 10-12:

For readers ages 16 and up:

Biographies of famous scientists and health professionals:

  • Albert Schweitzer - the original medical humanitarian who built hospitals and took care of those without access to medical care
  • Clara Barton - founder of the American Red Cross
  • Florence Nightingale - considered the founder of modern nursing
  • Marie Curie - a scientist who worked with radioactive materials and was instrumental in increasing the use of x-ray
  • Louis Pasteur - recognized that disease was caused by “germs” and developed a process to kill many of them- now known as pasteurization.
  • Walter Reed - discovered that a certain kind of mosquito could cause infections in people.