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1. The Matching Game -

Below are listed different specialties of medical doctors. Match the name of the specialist to the area of expertise: You’ll notice that many of the words end in “ologist”. This means someone who specializes in the study of a certain area. The beginning of the word tells you the area. For example, Biology is the study (ology) of living things (bio). A Biologist is someone who is an expert in Biology.   

  1. Cardiologist
  2. Cardiothoracic surgeon
  3. Dermatologist
  4. Endocrinologist
  5. Gastroenterologist
  6. Gynecologist
  7. Hepatologist
  8. Neonatologist
  9. Nephrologist
  10. Neurologist
  11. Neurosurgeon
  12. Obstetrician
  13. Ophthalmologist
  14. Orthopaedic surgeon
  15. Pathologist
  16. Physiatrist
  17. Pulmonologist
  18. Psychiatrist
  19. Rheumatologist
  20. Urologist
  21. Vascular surgeon
  1. newborn babies
  2. operates on brains and/or nerves
  3. hearts
  4. joints and arthritis
  5. delivers babies
  6. women’s organs
  7. biopsies and autopsies
  8. rehabilitation
  9. operates on hearts
  10. skin
  11. glands (thyroid, adrenals, etc)
  12. eyes
  13. operates on arteries and veins
  14.  kidneys
  15. operates on bladder, kidneys
  16. stomach and intestines
  17. nerves
  18. operates on bones and joints
  19. liver
  20. lungs
  21. mind

Answers for the Matching Game 

2. The Word Search Game -​

Word Search Grid 

Answers - Print Friendly Version (pdf)