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Current Issues in Health Care and Academic Medicine

  • AAMC Reporter the AAMC's flagship monthly news publication, covers major programs and initiatives at the AAMC and member institutions, as well as the broader issues that affect the academic medical community.
  • A resource of articles on current issues in health care.
  • Health System Reform Insight the AMA has developed Health System Reform Insight to help patients and physicians understand the Affordable Care Act.

Ethical Issues in Medicine

Letters of Recommendation Services

  • Interfolio: Online commercial portfolio storage service, that will hold letters of recommendation until needed for the application process. Some universities/colleges offer similar services for their students and alumni.
  • AMCAS Letters of Evaluation/Recommendation: Applicants submit their letters of recommendation through this service when applying to UW School of Medicine.

MCAT Prep Courses

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Shadowing and Getting Clinical Experience


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