Universal Precautions Training

​​This training is an annual requirement for all medical students.

A UW NetID is required to complete this online training. 

You will need to complete two Infection Control training modules in order to receive credit for your Universal Precautions training.

Infection Control: Part 1

Infection Control: Part 2

​Click on the appropriate link above and click “next” in the bottom right hand corner to get started.

Advance through the slides using the “next” and “back” buttons at the top and bottom of each screen. Click on links for videos, audio, and supplemental materials as directed.

When you complete each of the two training modules, you will see a hypertext link for a quiz. Click on this link which should prompt you to enter your UW NetID and password.

Once your UW NetID has been accepted you can take the quiz. You need a score of 70% or higher to successfully pass each module. If you don’t receive a passing score, you may retake the test until you do pass.

Once you have scored 70% or more on each module, you will want to print out the confirmation page of your results to keep for your own records.

The results of your quizzes will come directly to this office. 

For technical assistance, please email SOM Academic and Learning Technologies at somalt@uw.edu

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