Third Year Compliance

​All medical students must be in compliance with the Health Sciences Immunizations Program (HSIP) requirements.

Beginning in July 2011 the seasonal flu vaccine will be an annual requirement. It is very important to keep a copy of your receipt or other documentation so you can submit it to the HSIP for compliance tracking.

Third year students will need to have annual TB screening; either a TB Skin Test or TB Symptom Survey (for those who previously tested positive). Please note that the PPD is read 48-72 hours after placement and that HSIP does NOT accept self reads. If your annual TB test was done somewhere other than through HSIP, please submit documentation of the test results to:

HSIP Administration
Box 354410
Seattle, WA 98195-4410
fax: 206.616.8434 (not always reliable - confirm receipt with HSIP)

Students who need annual TB Symptom Surveys may submit the form to

Spring PPD Clinic:
A PPD clinic will be held in Spring Quarter of third year. All rising fourth year students will be required to attend the clinic.

Flu Shots:
Flu shots are a SOM requirement.Students can attend the HSIP sponsored Fall Clinic or if in WWAMI, students will need to pay for a flu shot and submit the receipts to HSIP for reimbursement and compliance tracking. Flu shots are due by November 15 of each year​.

The SOM tracks immunizations due dates but we do not have information on what specific immunizations are needed. Usually it is an annual PPD or flu shot. For more information email HSIP at