Guidelines for Academic Probation

Placement on Probation

A student may be placed on academic probation if, in the judgment of the Student Progress Committee, his or her progress is unsatisfactory in any area that falls under the Committee's purview related to graduation criteria.

If a student has two or more concurrent Fail grades, he/she will be automatically placed on probation, or may be dismissed. Receipt of additional Fail grades while on probation or failure to convert such grades to Pass in accordance with the Committee's specified timetable may result in dismissal from the School of Medicine.

Status while on Probation

Probationary status is noted on the internal medical school transcript, but is not recorded on the official University transcript. Probation is essentially a warning to the student that she/he must show improvement if he or she is to remain in the School. The student is expected to maintain an unqualified passing or above level of performance in subsequent coursework for retention in the School and will be advised of any other criteria for performance or personal and professional behavior. This means that a marginal performance is unacceptable.

While enrolled in basic science courses, a student on probation must receive permission from the Student Affairs Dean to take electives and should not plan to participate in major medical school or outside activities or work. While enrolled in the clinical curriculum, the Student Progress Committee will oversee the student’s scheduling of electives. If there are significant reasons to be considered for additional elective courses, activities, or work, the student may request approval for changes from the Student Affairs Dean, and any modification will be reported to the Student Progress Committee. The student should not expect to be approved for such programs as IHOP or IHE, approved for coursework at other institutions, or to be recommended for entry into other major programs, fellowships, or degrees while on probation.

Removal from Probation

A student is eligible for consideration for removal from probation when the following condition(s) related to being placed on probation has/have been met:

(1) satisfactory remediation of all failed coursework,
(2) satisfactory completion of two quarters of full-time coursework, and
(3) absence of any other issues of concern being considered by the Student Progress Committee.

Depending on the student’s academic record, a student may be retained on probation until successful completion of the USMLE examination that is related to the area of the curriculum in which the student has had difficulty. Students are removed from probation once they have met the criteria specified.