Immunization Requirements

​As a UW Medicine health care worker, residents and fellows must comply with UW Medicine immunization and health screening requirements, including OSHA guidelines regarding immunizations and TB testing. Trainees must obtain and provide documentation of appropriate immunizations and TB clearance and/or documents of positive serology prior to starting a clinical assignment, and must maintain compliance with all applicable immunization and health screening requirements throughout their training program. Individual requirements may vary depending on training location.

The University of Washington Medical Center - Employee Health Center (UWMC-EHC) establishes and monitors compliance with immunization and health screening requirements for all UW residents and fellows. Please review the detailed information on requirements for incoming and continuing residents and fellows in the Immunization and Health Screening Policy.  All residents and fellows should also complete the Release of Employee Immunization and Health Data Form to allow immunization documentation to be shared between the UW training sites (UWMC/HMC, FHCRC, and SCH). If a resident/fellow completes their screening at the VA, they will need to request that their records be sent to UWMC-EHC.

Information for Incoming Residents and Fellows

Residents and fellows with new UW GME appointments must submit required documentation of immunization and/or documents of positive serology by May 7th each year. Residents and fellows starting later in the academic year, must submit paperwork no later than one month before their appointment start date. All questions about health records should be directed to the UWMC-EHC.
Phone: 206.598.4848
Location: UWMC, Room BB306

Continuing Resident and Fellow Appointments

Residents and fellows must be screened for TB, meet influenza vaccination requirements, and complete fit-testing on an annual basis. Due dates will be based on the date of the last documented test. Annual screening due dates will be sent to program administrators by UWMC-EHC on an ongoing basis.