Finances and Loans

​​​​​​​​​​​​Emergency Housestaff Loan Program

Residents and fellows are eligible to apply for a Housestaff Emergency Loan through the Office of Graduate Medical Education. The purpose of the loan fund is to provide emergency financial assistance to residents and fellows.

FICA Refund for UW Residents

Information on the FICA refund for UW residents is available on the UW Tax Office web site under "What's New."

Loan Deferment and Forbearance

The GME Office certifies deferment and forbearance request forms for residents and fellows. It is your responsibility to provide the GME Office with the appropriate form(s) to be submitted. Loan paperwork and 2 (two) pre-addressed stamped envelopes addressed to the loan agency and your home address (or campus box number) should be sent to the GME Office at Box 358047. We will complete the certification section on the form and mail in the envelopes provided.  The GME office keeps copies of all loan forms, and you may check with us if you have any questions about a prior deferment or forbearance request submission.

UW medical school graduates may contact the UWSOM Financial Aid Office for specific questions about their loans.  If you graduated from a medical school other than UW, you will need to contact the financial aid office at that school as they will be able to assist you with questions you may have regarding your educational loans.

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