Contact GME

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GME Office​

850 Republican Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone:  206.543.6806

GME Leadership​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Byron Joyner, MD, MPA
Vice Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official​​

Phone: 206.616.7656

​​Jennifer Best, MD
Associate Dean
Phone: 206.616.5210

​Cindy Hamra, JD, MA
Assistant Dean, Operations and Administration
Phone: 206.685.5647


Accreditation, Ope​rations & Education

​Hadar Duman
​Director, Accreditation
Phone: 206.616.2961

​Laurentia Hartomo
A​ccreditation Specialist
Phone: 206.616.1503​​​

Susan Johnston, EdD
Director, ​Educati​onal Quality Improvement​
Phone: 206.685.0252

Amy Resling
Appointment Manager
Phone: 206.221.1452

Caroline Morgan
Appointment Specialist
Phone: 206.543.3065​

Gabrielle Pett, MHA
Phone: 206.543.0069

Tammy Ramirez
Executive Assistant to
Byron Joyner, MD, MPA
Office Manager, GME

Phone: 206.543.6232

Christa Nemeth
Assistant to Jennifer Best, MD
Phone: 206.616.8286​

Lani Wall
Assistant to Cindy Hamra
Phone: 206.616.1504


Residency Management System Administration

Ken Cartwright
Computer Services Consultant
Phone: 206.543.1079

Alyson Reighley
Residency Management System Administrator
Phone: 206.221.4585

​Learning Gateway Program

Jo​n Ascher
Director of eLearning
Phone: 206.616.0184

Simona Lazar, MS
Instructional Design and eLearning Program Consultant
Phone: 206.543.2115

Caleb Pong
LMS Senior Analyst
Phone: 206.543.2119

Joe Wilson

Instructional Designer


Resident and Fellow Wellness Service

Kristina Schellie, MSW
Assistant Director, Resident and Fellow Wellness
UWMC, AA -111D
Box 356340
Phone: 206.543.3484

Pamela Woodroffe, LICSW
Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 206.987.2734

Mindy Stern, MSW, LICSW
Director, Resident and Fellow Wellness
UWMC, AA -111E
Box 356340
Phone: 206.543.6408


​​GME Finance

Paul Shin
Director, GME Finance
Phone: 206.616.6465
Fax: 206.543.0634

Brian Culver
Fiscal Specialist
Phone: 206.221.3313
Fax: 206.543.0634

​Audrey Lee
Fiscal Specialist
Phone: 206.616.9251
Fax: 206.543.0634​


Verification of Post-Graduate Training

Verification of post-graduate training (including internships, residencies and fellowships) may be completed by the GME Office or by the residency or clinical fellowship training program. For questions regarding residency or clinical fellowship verifications, please contact the Graduate Medical Education office at 206-543-3065. To ensure accuracy of the verification, please provide the full name, social security number, training program and dates of training of the resident/fellow. Verifications for graduate fellowship and PhD programs cannot be verified by this office.


Suggestions, Complaints and Feedback

Have a complaint or suggestion about your residency or fellowship program? Need to voice a concern anonymously? Please refer to the How to Report a Concern in a Confidential Manner diagram for reporting options.

You may contact the GME Office using the GME Confidential Reporting Form. You are welcome to leave your comments anonymously, but please be aware that the more information we have about the situation, the better able we will be to address your concerns.​