Class Composite Photos

A composite photo of the graduating class is created each year. A copy of the photo is given to each graduating student at the Physician’s Oath and Hooding Ceremony, and a large version is displayed in the Health Sciences Building. Graduating students should submit their desired photograph to the Student Affairs office by March 1.

Photo Attire:

For men: Jacket and tie
For women: Well-tailored blouse or blouse-jacket combination

  • Photos must appear professional
  • Do not wear a bright white top, unless it’s partially covered with a sweater or jacket
  • Do not wear a checked pattern --it will often cause a moiré pattern on computer screens
  • Do not wear: tank tops, tee shirts, plunging necklines, or shiny jackets
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum; have good taste in make-up
  • If you choose a printed fabric, please keep them quiet and professional
  • Wear anti-reflective glasses if possible
  • Wear medium toned, solid colors
  • The background of this photo should be a neutral color such as gray or blue and should not have "scenery" in the background (e.g. trees)