Parking (UWMC)

​​​​Parking Options at UWMC

Residents and fellows are given several parking options to choose from when at UWMC.

Pay-Per-Use Parking (PPUP) Program (RECOMMENDED)

The Pay-Per-Use Parking (PPUP) program is charged through payroll deduction. If you are not eligible for payroll deduction, a Husky Card Account may be used as a payment option (the Husky Card Account must be established at least 24-hours prior to signing up for PPUP). Once signed-up with UW Transportation Services, you may enter the garage by swiping your UW Husky ID Card - charges are tabulated each pay-period based on usage. This parking program allows same-day in-&-out privileges (for single entry only, not available for carpools) and must be renewed at the end of June each year. Parking is available in both the Portage Bay Parking Facility and the Montlake (E-1) lot.

      How much does PPUP cost?

  • Up to 4 days per pay period: $6
  • 5 or more days per pay period, including first 4 days: $7.50 Maximum charge of $75 per pay period.

      Sign up for PPUP here

S-1 Lot

Located behind UWMC. On-call residents/fellows may park here at no charge from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, and from 12:00 noon Saturday to 6:00 a.m. Monday. If you arrive prior to 9 p.m., work beyond 6 a.m. Monday, or arrive prior to noon on Saturday, you must pay for parking, move your vehicle to the Portage Bay Parking Facility if you are a UW PPUP member, or move to a permit lot (if you have a quarterly permit). If you have a valid, solid-colored HMC permit (not PPUP or on-call) you may park in S-1 at no additional charge after 4 p.m. weekdays, or anytime during the weekends.

Parking Policy for Home Call (Triangle Garage)

Residents and fellows taking call from home who are required to return to the University of Washington Medical Center after hours may park in the Triangle Parking Garage or in the S-1 Parking Garage at no charge during certain hours.

Residents/fellows who are called in to UWMC from home may use spaces on the bottom level of the Triangle Garage from 6 p.m. – 8 a.m. daily. When a resident/fellow is called and returns to UWMC after 6 p.m., he/she may park in the Triangle Garage and remain parked there until 8 a.m. When a resident/fellow departs from the Triangle Garage after 6 a.m., he/she must stop at the Triangle Garage kiosk, show picture identification that designates he/she is a resident or fellow, and sign out with the parking attendant in order to obtain a card for exiting the garage gate. Residents and fellows will not be charged for parking if they leave prior to 8 a.m. If the resident/fellow stays past 8 a.m. for documented emergent patient care, the departments will be billed for the parking fee. However, if the resident/fellow remains in the lot past 8 a.m. without emergent patient care justification, he/she will be subject to the regular parking rates of the lot or to citation. If a resident/fellow does not follow this policy and is charged the regular rates and/or receives a citation, he/she is fully responsible to pay the fee and/or respond to the citation.

Note on HMC Parking Permits

Parking privileges on the UW Seattle main campus are not granted to holders of Harborview permits with horizontal stripes (on-call and PPUP); if you have a Harborview permit with horizontal stripes, you must stop at a campus gatehouse and purchase a Daily permit. Holders of other types of Harborview parking permits have limited parking privileges on the UW Seattle main campus: parking in S-1, E-10, and E-12 only, on a space-available basis, between 4:00 pm and 7:30 am weekdays and on weekends.

Transportation Signup Resources

Refer to the UW Transportation Services Resources for Housestaff for information on how to sign up for PPUP and a UPASS.