Parking (HMC)

​​​​​Parking Options at Harborview

Residents and fellows are given two parking options at Harborview.

  • Pay-Per-Use Parking (PPUP): Residents and fellows must apply for a Harborview PPUP permit by contacting the Harborview Parking and Commuter Services Office. With the PPUP program, residents and fellows may park in any Harborview garage (locations are listed below). PPUP is deducted from your paycheck for each use. A “use” at Harborview is defined as a 24-hour period starting at the time you first enter the parking lot and includes in-and-out privileges. The daily parking rate for PPUP is $8.75/day. Harborview caps the total PPUP charges at the Harborview monthly staff parking rate.
  • Single-Day Use: Single-day use is charged at the daily PPUP rate and is only available in the View Park and Patricia Bracelin Steel Building parking garages. Pull a ticket upon entering the garage and before you exit the garage take the ticket to the Parking Office to purchase a single PPUP ticket. If this does not occur you will be charged the full hourly rate upon exiting the garage. This is best used by residents and fellows visiting Harborview. Residents and fellows who are UW employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for the PPUP permit.

For more information about parking rates, or if you have any parking issues, please contact Parking and Commuter Services at 206.744.3254.

Garage Locations and Hours

Parking is available in the following garages and ONLY in staff designated areas:

  • View Park Garage: Parking on levels C, D, 4, 5 and 6. Entrance is on Eighth Avenue, and the garage is open 24/7, including weekends and holidays.
  • Ninth & Jefferson Building Garage: Parking on levels B, C and D. Entrance on Terry off of James Street.
  • Boren Garage: Entrance on Terrace Street between Boren Avenue and Terry Avenue. Accessible with key card for PPUP or SOV permit holders.
  • Patricia Bracelin Steel Building Garage: Entrance on Jefferson Street, off of Boren Avenue. Accessible with key card for PPUP or SOV permit holders (open from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. for daily sales).

Call boxes are located at the entry and exits to all garages with a direct line to assistance 24/7. These may also be used when an access card fails to operate.

Parking Access Key Cards

You will be issued an access card for entry into the Harborview garages. You must swipe your card at the card reader upon entry into the garage and exiting from the garage. If the gate is open or has malfunctioned, failure to swipe your card could result in additional charges.

If your access key card fails to open the gate, pull a ticket to enter the garage and then pay either the hourly rate upon exiting or prior to exiting the garage you can go to the Parking Office and purchase a single-day pay-per-use pass at the PPUP rate. Pulling a ticket is only available at the View Park, NJB and Patricia Steel garages.

If your access key card fails to work, contact the Parking Office.

On-Call Parking for Residents and Fellows​

Residents and fellows taking call from home who are required to return to Harborview may park in the View Park garage at no charge between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m., Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and holidays.

  • Residents/fellows must obtain an on-call permit by contacting the parking office. If the resident/fellow does not have an on-call permit, he or she will need to pay the parking fee, keep the receipt and give it to his or her program. The program can confirm the call schedule with the parking office and request a refund.
  • Residents/fellows who have a SOV day shift parking permit do not need an on-call permit unless parking in an on-call reserved space.
  • If a resident/fellow enters or leaves the garage with an on-call permit outside of the approved on-call parking hours, parking fees will be billed to the sponsoring department at the approved or hourly parking rate.

Free Night and Weekend Parking

  • The free period for Pay-per-use-permits is 5PM - 7AM, M-F, and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Parking that occurs during these times will be removed from the fee calculation at the end of the month, permit holders will still be charged for non-free period parking.
  • Fees may apply if a permit holder enters before the free period begins or exits after the free period ends. Fees are based on entry and exit time, not shift.
  • The standard fee outside of the free period is $8.75
  • If housestaff are not enrolled in the Pay-per-use-permit program, and need to be refunded for parking that occurred during the free period, they must bring proof that they entered and exited the garage and paid a parking fee.

Overflow Parking

Occasionally on weekdays the View Park Garage will reach capacity. When this occurs, staff are directed to park in the Boren Avenue or the Patricia Steel ​garages.


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