COVID-19 Vaccine Standby List

What you need to know about registering to stand by for a dose

At the end of the day, our vaccination clinics may have doses left over due to scheduled appointment no-shows. Vaccine doses that are expired or unused by the maximum time allowed must be discarded. Our goal at UW Medicine is not to waste any viable doses of COVID-19 vaccines and to distribute remaining daily supply in an equitable way. UW Medicine has created a vaccine standby list to ensure that all COVID-19 vaccine doses are used at the end of each vaccination clinic.

Who is eligible to join the standby list?

Any individual who is 18 years or older is eligible to enroll in the UW Medicine Standby List. This age limit is in place as we cannot guarantee extra doses of the Pfizer vaccine. This is the only vaccine approved for 16- to 18-year-old individuals at this time.

How to join the list

UW Medicine uses a text-based tool to manage registrations.

To join, text ENROLL to


Once you’ve texted the number, you’ll receive a series of text questions to confirm your preferred location. After replying, you’ll receive a text confirmation that you’re enrolled.

How it works

You’ll receive a text message that will ask about your availability to stand by for a dose. This text message is sent to randomly selected phone numbers from the list when there may be left-over doses available.

If you respond that you’re available, you may be selected to receive a time sensitive invitation to stand by at a vaccine clinic. This invitation will include directions and a timeframe for your assigned clinic site. Generally, you will be asked to arrive at the assigned clinic 30 minutes prior to closing. 

Being invited to stand by does not guarantee you’ll receive a vaccine dose. If you do not receive a vaccination, you will remain on the standby list for future opportunities.

Please do not show up at a clinic if you have not been invited by text. You will be required to show your standby invitation when you check-in. Please do not forward the invitation to others. People without standby invitations will be asked to leave.

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