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Rehabilitation medicine




Vicente Martinez, Ph.D., is a surgical neurophysiologist at UW Medical Center and Seattle Children's Hospital and a UW assistant professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Neuromonitoring.

In the operating room Dr. Martinez seeks to optimize patient outcomes by guarding the nervous system from perioperative compromise during procedures that place the brain and spine at risk. In the clinic he aims to maximize the therapeutic benefits of DBS therapy through thorough and systematic electrode programming.

Dr. Martinez' clinical expertise includes multiple intraoperative neurophysiological techniques utilized during brain and spinal surgeries. He assists in the placement of deep brain stimulation electrodes for the treatment of movement disorders; furthermore, his clinical responsibilities include the programming of DBS systems in the UW Movement Disorders clinic. These clinical duties interface with his research interests examining the effects of deep brain stimulation on motor cortex excitability during surgery.

Personal Interests

Dr. Martinez is a reservist in the United States Coast Guard.