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Melanie L. Andersen M.D.

Provider headshot of Melanie  L. Andersen M.D.
Accepting new and returning patients

Melanie L. Andersen M.D.

Medical Specialties

Top Conditions & Symptoms

  • Pregnancy (low and high risk)
  • Pregnancy complications (fetal and maternal)
  • Pregnancy loss concerns (miscarriage, ectopic, etc.)
  • Chronic vulvar itching and pain
  • Gynecologic infections (STI, UTI, yeast, BV, etc.)
  • Pregnancy prevention and birth control side effects
  • Menstrual concern (heavy, painful, irregular periods)
  • Uterine disorders (fibroids, polyps, adenomyosis)

Top Procedures & Treatments

  • Prenatal and postpartum pregnancy care
  • Childbirth & delivery (natural, VBAC, assisted, c-section)
  • Early pregnancy loss care (miscarriage, ectopic, etc.)
  • Management of vulvovaginitis and vulvovaginal pain
  • Birth control (pills, IUD, sterilization, etc.)
  • Common gynecologic conditions treatment (medical & surgical)
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding management (evaluation and surgery)
  • Routine gynecologic care including cancer screening