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Primary care - internal medicine




Joseph Nadler, M.D., is a resident physician at UWMC-Roosevelt.

Dr. Nadler specializes in Internal Medicine. He has always believed that everyone deserves the best care no matter his or her background. You deserve a physician that will listen to you, determine what is important to you, and help you navigate the complexities that are present in today’s healthcare system.

You deserve a physician that will take the time to educate you about your condition, whether it be a simple explanation or an in-depth pathophysiology lecture. The more you know the better you will be able manage your condition.

Personal Interests

Dr. Nadler loves learning about different cultures, eating the cuisine and trying to cook the food. He likes to try new restaurants and explore parts of the city that he has never been to before. Dr. Nadler goes hiking and tries to enjoy the natural beauty of the PNW as much as possible.

UW Neighborhood Belltown Clinic

2505 2nd Ave., Ste. 200 Seattle, WA 98121


Acute illness and injury, Behavioral healthcare, Children's care, Chronic disease management