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Airlift Northwest, the preeminent medical transport service in the Pacific Northwest, has one mission: to improve health and serve communities by saving lives wherever needed, 24 hours a day - every day.

​Airlift Northwest expands services in Alaska ​

Airlift Northwest is proud to announce that a turboprop is now based in Juneau along with the Learjet. The turboprop enables Airlift to respond to the critical-care needs of rural Alaskan towns and villages previously inaccessible to the service. The Turbo Commander will serve Haines, Prince of Wales Island, Skagway and other communities in Alaska.

AirCare Membership Program

Airlift Northwest is pleased to offer a membership program that provides residents in communities in Washington State with high-quality air medical service at an affordable cost. All aviation services, pilots and mechanics are provided by Air Methods Corporation and Aero Air.


Our aircraft, equipped with the most up-to-date safety equipment, are strategically located at seven bases throughout the Pacific Northwest (Juneau in Alaska; Arlington, Bellingham, Olympia, Yakima and Seattle in Washington).

We are able to rapidly deploy our emergency flight crews to provide service to one of the largest and geographically varied land masses in the world - from isolated islands in Alaska to coastal villages in Western Washington, and desert communities in Eastern Washington.

Working with first responders throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, we transport critically ill and injured patients to the best care for their medical condition, whether local hospitals, regional trauma centers or specialty care centers in the contiguous United States.


Our highly skilled critical care flight nurses make sure patients, from newborns to adults suffering from cardiac arrest, stroke or trauma, are appropriately stabilized and cared for, from pickup to final destination.

Airlift Northwest is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services.


Since 1982, we have been dedicated to serving the community with delivery of safe and timely medical transport of critically injured and ill patients to the medical services they need, regardless of ability to pay or where care is needed.

All aviation services, pilots and mechanics are provided by Air Methods Corporation and Aero Air, LLC. ​