AirCare Members Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does AirCare membership work?

A: The benefits of becoming a member include mitigating any associated expenses that go along with air ambulance transport service. In the event that you use this service, your insurance may only cover a certain portion of the bill. Having an AirCare membership covers the patient responsibility amount indicated by your insurance company. For AirCare members, only your insurance company receives a bill. The other benefit: peace of mind.

Q: If my insurance is through Medicaid, am I eligible for membership?

A: Per government regulations, individuals covered by Medicaid are not billed for any balance and therefore do not need to purchase an AirCare membership.

Q: How soon will my membership become active?

A: Your membership is active three business days after your application and payment are received.

Q: Where am I covered?

A: As an AirCare member, you are covered by Airlift Northwest- with seven bases strategically located throughout Washington and Southeast Alaska – and by our reciprocal partners: Care Flight – Reno, Nevada; Life Flight Network – Oregon, Idaho, eastern Washington; Air St. Luke's – Boise, Idaho.

Q: Can I sign up for automatic renewal?

A: At this time we do not have automatic renewals available. We will mail a renewal notice to your mailing address about six weeks prior to your membership expiring.

Q: Will I receive a membership card?

A: Yes, every household member will receive a membership card. Membership cards usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Members also receive an AirCare sticker.

You can request additional cards or stickers by emailing or by calling 888-835-1599.

Q: How do I find out when my membership expires?

A: Please email or call us at 888-835-1599 and we can look up your membership.

Q: I live in Montana. Can I get an AirCare Membership?

A: Montana residents are only eligible for AirCare Membership if they have a residence in Alaska and/or Washington State.