Service League


​​​​What is the Service League?

The UWMC Service League is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3, organization that serves to advance and promote medical center programs and patient care services. This is accomplished through fund development and allocation, volunteer program enhancement and community outreach.

To fulfill its mission, the Service League establishes and maintains programs to support community needs that offer benefits to UW Medcial patients and families that otherwise would not be available. 

Some of these programs are: the Art Program, Bedside Art, Group Art, Art Therapy, Living Well With Cancer, Emergency Housing/Food/Transportation, Knitting, Music Program, and Grants.

​How We Fund Programs

The Service League funds programs by profits generated from its following operations:

​ Service League Committees
Service League Board
Active board members participate in committees which are led by an appointed Chair.
  • Executive Committee: The Executive Commitee's function is to address policy and planning issue for the Service League and to act as an advisory body for the board. Comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who are voted into position. 
  • Nominations Committee: Open to all board members. This committee's function is to find, interview and select nominees for the slate of the Service League Board of Directors and its officers for the upcoming board year.
  • Retail Operations & Finance Committee: Open to all board members.This committee's function is to oversee all the UWMC SL finances, prepare a budget annually for board approval, and cause to be kept the financial records of the corporation. It also advocates for and oversees the UWMC's Gift Shop, Espresso and Tea Room operations.

Board members also support Service League funded and UWMC community programs. Duties performed are:

  • Deliver quilts to patients.
  • Pick up donations.
  • Inventory Art Collection.
  • Make Valentine's Day cards for UWMC inpatients.
  • Host Service League table at Combined Fund Drive (UW CFD) Charity Fair.
  • Participate in Grant Review and Funding Allocation process.
  • Art Selection process.