Volunteer Requirements

​​​​​All UWMC volunteers are required to:

  • Complete required immunization review and Tuberculosis screening by UWMC Employee Health Center.
  • Pass Washington State Background Check.
  • Attend Volunteer Services Orientation.
  • Purchase and wear volunteer uniform polo shirt or jacket.
  • Make a four-hour per week, three-month commitment (per position).
  • Follow and abide by UWMC's Service Culture Guidelines (PDF)​. Maintain patient confidentiality.
  • Volunteers must be over eighteen years of age, or eighteen-year-old high school graduates. Sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds who are currently attending high school are eligible to participate in our Summer Teen Program​.

  • Commitment and Attendance

    A regular shift commitment of four hours per week and three consecutive months (per position) is required. Breaks in service of two weeks are permissable with approval from supervisor. Breaks in service of three weeks or longer are not permissable. Exceptions for a shorter commitment are possible only during the summer months of June through September with permission from Volunteer Manager or area supervisor.

    Changes to volunteer schedule are permissable for shifts during academic quarters with permission by the are​​​​a supervisor.

    Mandatory Dress Code

    All volunteers at UWMC must follow the dress code (PDF)​. Volunteers in the Escort/Lobby Ambassador position and those on nursing units are required to wear the Volunteer Services blue polo shirt which can be purchased in the Gift Shop for $21.00. Black pants and dark shoes are also required. It is expected that our volunteers maintain an overall clean and professional look. Clothing and shoes should be clean and appear well-maintained. The wearing of fragrances is not allowed due to respiratory conditions and sensitivity of our patients.

    Patient Confidentiality

    Volunteers must comply with patient confidentiality and HIPPA compliance standards. Training on confidentiality is provided during volunteer orientation. Volunteers who violate HIPPA guidelines will be subject to termination.