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One of the most life-changing events in a woman’s life is having a baby. UW Medicine Obstetrics provides comprehensive, personalized care to women at every stage of pregnancy, from prenatal to post-delivery care. We also offer many Childbirth, Parenting and Breastfeeding classes. For a closer look at our facility please view our Labor and Delivery Video Tour. You may also take a personalized Tour of Labor and Delivery​​. Elegant and spacious birthing suites in our Labor & Delivery have Jacuzzis and entertainment systems.

Experienced nurses and lactation specialists staff the Postpartum unit, where the focus is on enhancing baby bonding and caring for the new mother. Our new Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the latest therapies for infants born preterm or who require highly-skilled care.

Each woman and each pregnancy is different. UW Medicine offers a spectrum of obstetrical options to meet each woman’s personal health care needs and preferences throughout her pregnancy, whether low or high-risk.

The UW Medicine Obstetrics team is dedicated to the well being of you and your baby. UW Medicine Obstetrics providers include obstetrician-gynecologists, maternal fetal medicine specialists, midwives and family ​medicine physicians – all highly trained experts in caring for pregnant women. 

Our obstetrics team partners with many professionals – nutritionists, genetics counselors, nurses, social workers, pediatricians, and neonatologists – across the UW Medicine health system to address issues that may complicate pregnancy. Some women with high-risk pregnancies may also require and benefit from the expertise of our cardiologists, hematologists, and endocrinologists. Most importantly, we are here to serve you and build a team of experts to best care for you and your baby. 

UW Medicine Obstetrics offers special programs for pregnant women who may be at high risk due to other complicating factors.
In addition to providing outstanding patient care, your obstetrics team is at the forefront of innovative research to improve care and advance scientific knowledge in the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect pregnant women and their newborns. Our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists are world-renowned for their groundbreaking discoveries.