Liver Care and Transplantation Services


​​​​​UW Medicine’s Liver Care specialists, located at UW Medical Center, provide patients an uncommon wealth of experience across the spectrum of liver diseases. Our hepatologists treat patients with viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis and metabolic disorders. We manage patients’ liver cancer, end-stage liver disease and transplantation.

Our broader team includes transplant surgeons, radiologists and pathologists, medical and surgical oncologists, and interventional radiologists – each with specialized knowledge about liver function and disease. This expertise, along with our ambition to provide outstanding care and our access to new research protocols, gives patients the full range of treatment options.

In 2012, our liver-transplant care earned an award from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. The award recognizes our transplant candidates’ lower-than-expected mortality rate while they await a donor organ, and our higher-than-expected transplant rate.

We strive to be reliable and responsive partners with referring providers. We welcome referrals for hepatology consultation, liver transplant evaluation, and liver tumor care coordinated with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 

About this Clinic

Liver Care and Transplantation Services includes these clinics.

The Hepatology Clinic manages:

  • Evaluation of abnormal liver tests
  • Viral hepatitis, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Autoimmune and cholestatic liver disorders, such as autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Metabolic and genetic liver diseases such as fatty liver disease, hereditary hemachromatosis and Wilson’s disease
  • Toxic liver injury, such as from drug and alcohol use
  • End-stage liver disease and cirrhosis
  • Vascular abnormalities, such as Budd-Chiari syndrome
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma

The Hepatitis C Clinic manages:

  • Treatment for patients with Hepatitis C
  • Diagnosis and treatment for post-transplant patients
  • Non-transplant patient medication management and side-effect monitoring

The Liver Transplant Clinic manages:

  • Liver transplant evaluation
  • Pre- and post-transplant care
  • Acute liver failure
  • End-stage liver disease/cirrhosis
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Portal hypertension, including portosystemic shunt surgery