Inventor of the Year

2017 Call for Nominations

​The Dean of Medicine is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017 annual UW Medicine Inventor of the Year Award. The Inventor of the Year Award recognizes an established individual who has translated his or her research from the bench, through partnerships with the biomedical industry, to a product or process that has had a major impact on healthcare. The Inventor of the Year receives a $5,000 honorarium.

To make a nomination recognizing a faculty member's outstanding contributions, please e-mail with the name of the individual and a brief summary of the contribution to be recognized. Nominations must be received by February 24, 2017.


Call for Nominations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​!

Nominations due by February 24, 2017.

Criteria & Selection Process

​Each year the Inventor of the Year Selection Committee solicits nominations from Department Chairs and Administrators. Nominations are then reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Number of lives saved or improved.
  • Biomedical impact of the invention.
  • ​Contribution to the bioscience sector.
  • Contributions to the UW CoMotion mission to extend the impact of University of Washington research through the creation of partnerships that encourage investment in innovation.
  • Contributions to UW School of Medicine faculty community.

Previous Award Winners

The Inventor of the Year Awards honor outstanding UW research scientists whose innovations have had a major, positive effect on both healthcare and our local economy. The 2016 Inventor of the Year Awards honored Samuel R. Browd, M.D., Ph.D., Jonathan Posner, Ph.D., and Per Reinhall, Ph.D. recognized for their collaborative work inventing and developing a football helmet designed to mitigate the forces thought to contribute to concussions. They join many other exemplary research scientists also honored with an Inventor of the Year Award. 

See the complete list of Inventor of the Year Award recipients since 2004: Inventor of the Year 2015-2004 (PDF)

See a complete list of Lifetime Innovators whose legacy impacts future generations of research: Lifetime Innovators thru 2015 (PDF)


If you have any questions about the 2016 Inventor of the Year Awards please contact Meris Mullaley at or 206.221.5807.​​