Future Faculty Fellows Program

​Save the Date

This year's Future Faculty Fellows Workshop is scheduled for

June 11 & 12, 2018
8 AM - 4:30 PM

UW South Campus Center

Applications Due May 18, 2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Future Faculty Fellows Program aims to prepare postdoctoral scientists for successful careers that combine research, service, mentoring, and teaching. There are two components to the program —​ a workshop on teaching and career development, and a teaching apprenticeship program that provides a faculty-mentor experience in designing and teaching an undergraduate course. 

The workshop is open to any postdoctoral fellow in their 2nd year and beyond from the UW and our affiliated institutions: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Seattle Children's Research Institute. You can participate in the workshop even if you do not become a teaching apprentice.

Future Faculty Fellows Workshop

​The Future Faculty Fellows Workshop is directed by Dr. Chet Moritz, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, and by Dr. Rosana Risques, Assistant Professor of Pathology. The Workshop is a free 2-day program that focuses on providing participants with teaching, communication and job-seeking skills. Panels include: improving communication skills, strategies for improving science teaching at the undergraduate level, help with the job application and interview process and how to get your career off to a good start in your new permanent position.

The workshop is held at UW South Campus Center. All participants receive copies of a workshop handbook and four highly acclaimed publications concerning teaching methods, career advancement and lab management. The workshop includes two catered lunches and ends with a wine and cheese reception for participants and faculty.

2018 Future Faculty Fellows Workshop is scheduled for June 11-12, 2018 at UW South Campus Center.

Applications for the 2018 Future Faculty Fellows Workshop will open soon.

​For more information on the workshop please contact fffp@uw.edu.

The Future Faculty Fellows Apprenticeship program is now STEP (Science Teaching Experience for Postdocs)!

Since 2004, 100 postdocs from over 30 different UW and FHCRC departments have participated in the STEP Program. The postdocs have designed and taught a total of 30 innovative seminar courses for UW undergraduates! Their courses enrich our undergraduate curriculum and provide opportunities for students to learn about cutting edge research and to benefit from highly interactive discussions with their instructors and peers.  Beginning in 2011, courses have been taught as part of the UW Bothell Biology Program.  Courses provided by our STEP Program post​docs in the past include:

  • The Language of Cells: From human physiology and disease to ecosystems
  • Aliens vs. Predators: Pathogens, drugs, and us
  • Fins, Fur, and Wings: Model organisms in neuroscience
  • Fixing a Broken Heart: Modern therapies for cardiovascular disease​
  • Biotech, Biofuels, and Biodiversity: Challenges for agriculture in the 21st century
  • Humans and Microbes: A love/hate relationship
  • Evolution of Immunity: From microbes to mammals
  • Losing Our Minds: The biology of brain diseases
  • Neurological Disorders: When ethics and biology collide
  • Cancer: Bad genes or bad environment?

For more information on the Science Teaching Experience for Postdocs (STEP) program contact progra​m director Dr. Becca Price (beccap@uw.edu​).

What Participants Say about the STEP Apprenticeships:
Although I had team-taught lecture-based courses before, the STEP program gave me my first experiences assembling a course from scratch, teaching well outside of my area of expertise, designing creative assignments, developing rubrics, and working with students in a seminar setting.

At first, I wasn't sure I liked teaching. But after being involved in the program, I learned that there are different ways to make your teaching exciting and interesting, both for the students and instructor.  I taught a course using the same principles incorporated into our STEP course.  My students loved it!

Postdoc & Grad Resources for Teaching and Job Seeking
A wide variety of printed and on-line resources are available to learn about careers and teaching. Below are references and websi​tes that have been recommended by colleagues in the biological sciences.

General to all fields:

​By Research Fields:​