Your Physician Bill

​​​​​​​​Your UW Physicians bill is for the professional services rendered by a physician at Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics or Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

If you have questions about a bill from Harborview Medical Center or UW Medical Center, please visit the Your Hospital Bill section of this site.

How T​o Pay Your UW Physicians Bill?

​When mailing a payment, include the payment stub with your credit card information, and indicate the patient account number on your check. Please do not mail cash.
Online Bill Payment for UW Medicine Physicians

Understanding Your UW Physicians Bill

​You can use the glossary below to help understand your bill and what each section means.

  • The DATE column indicates the date the service took place.
  • The PROCEDURE column is the numeric procedure code used to bill for the services received from your physician. This is known as Current Procedural Technology or CPT code. For example, 99214. The description for the code is provided in the third section. For example, 99214 would have a description which indicates it is a Level 4 Office/Outpatient Visit for an Established Patient. The Levels indicate the complexity of the visit and/or medical condition treated.
  • The third column has three items defined in one section:
    • PHYSICIAN NAME: The name of the physician that provided the service directly or that supervised the service received.
    • LOCATION: The location where services were rendered, for example; UWMC Inpatient, UWPN – Shoreline Clinic.
    • DESCRIPTION/ACTIVITY: The description of the procedure billed or the activity that took place on the account, such as an insurance payment or discount.
  • The CHARGES column indicates the dollar amount charged for the services received.
  • The INSURANCE PAYMENTS column indicates the amount your insurance company paid to UW Physicians.
  • The ADJUSTMENTS column details any reduction taken from the amount billed. For example, if we have a contract with your insurance carrier, we have agreed to accept less than our billed charges as payment in full. The difference between our billed charges and what we have agreed to accept in total (including the portion the insurance company has deemed your responsibility) is called a contractual adjustment. That amount will appear in this column.
  • The PATIENT PAYMENTS column indicates payment amounts received from you.
  • The PENDING INSURANCE column indicates what charges are still in process with the insurance company.
  • The PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY column is the dollar amount that is owed by you.
  • The PAYMENT DUE NOW box is the accumulated patient responsibility.