Health Insurance Plans

UW Medicine—including Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, Valley Medical Center, UW Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics, UW Physicians, and Airlift Northwest—participates in many health insurance plans. However, UW Medicine is not included in all plans that each health insurance company offers. Please contact your health insura​nce plan to verify that your care at UW Medicine will be covered.

Below is a listing of health insurance plans and government programs in which UW Medicine participates.

Commercial Health Insurance Plans

Government Programs

* Please note that many health insurance plans carve out certain services, such as mental health, vision and transplant services to another vendor. Several vendors will have their own network, such as Managed Health Network for mental health services. It is particularly important when seeking mental health, vision or transplant services, that you contact your health insurance plan to verify that these services will be covered when provided at UW Medicine. Under your benefit plan, you may need to use a specific network for mental health, vision or transplant services that UW Medicine may not be contracted for and considered as out-of-network.

Last updated: Nov. 1, 2016​